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Incoming Email for your web app

CloudMailin allows you to receive any volume of incoming email via a Webhook. You are given an email address that will forward any incoming message to your app, as an HTTP POST, within milliseconds. You can also seamlessly check the delivery status of each of your incoming emails via the dashboard, bounce emails that you do not wish to receive and use your own domain name.


A programmable email server built for the Cloud

Edge:Server is a programmable email server that's used at the heart of CloudMailin. It was custom built as a cloud email server coping with the demands of modern cloud infrastructure. Edge:Server has a huge variety of features, including Customizable Delivery Mechanisms, Highly Configurable Authentication, Content Streaming and High Performance SPF amongst others.


Debug your API

Webhook://app allows you to easily debug your API and HTTP requests. It transparently proxies HTTP requests and responses. Requests and their responses are captured to allow you to debug, analyse and replay your API interactions. You can, search, save favorites and share your requests with your Team or the public.


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